Android application for painters.

Available on Google Play:





There are a lot of tools for you, such as:

  • brush (with finger or stylus pressure, sketch style)
  • airbrush
  • blur
  • eraser
  • fill (solid and gradient)
  • photo filtersĀ (grayscale, negative, brightness, color)
  • line and bezier line
  • shapes (rectangle, ellipse and rectangle with rounded corners)
  • text
  • effects (blur, contrast, vintage, noise, pixel, image frames (like instagram))

Multitouch zoom and undo\redo is enabled too!!!
You can open photo from your device
You can post image to Facebook or share to other sources
Max image size is 1280*1280

Android 3.x enabled (fullscreen).
sd-card installation is enabled

Video and Screenshots


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